Since 1992 I have been involved with French tourism, and during this time have actively been involved in renting apartments and houses throughout France, as well as escorting tours – in fact helping clients with any aspect of travel in France. You can read more about my tours and French travel products by visiting

My wife and I, and our two children, Sarah and Alexander, have been traveling to France since the early 1990’s, a nd we have always talked about wanting to own a property in France. It wasn’t until 2007 that I finally arranged to spend some time in Paris to search for what I hoped would be the property of my family’s dreams!

I looked at many properties throughout Paris, following the very strict criteria that I had. As is often the case, on the very last property I had short-listed to look at, I walked in to this very special address, and knew immediately that this was “our place”.

Subsequently we are now the very happy owners of this charming apartment in Paris. We’d love you to come and stay in our wonderful apartment.

To learn more about my wife and me, you could read the following article on our love affair with France, and what it means to us. click here to read article >>

John and Andrea Reese

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